We are 3 friends that met at the University of Ottawa. We have kept in close touch over the years and even though we are now in far flung places, decided to create a blog together. We fell in love with Ottawa and despite our many travels all over the world, our hearts will always be back there. We thought a brief intro of ourselves would be beneficial to our readers.


I am Carla and am originally from the UK, but my parents moved to Quebec when I was very young. I attended Concordia University in Quebec for two years but then transferred to the University of Ottawa where I completed my undergrad studies in Journalism. Fell in love with Ottawa while there. A few years after graduation, I moved to Boston and got my MBA at Suffolk University. I have dual Canadian/US citizenship. As a writer for the Boston Globe, I was able to travel extensively for a few years but finally decided to get away from the big cities so I moved to Omaha, Nebraska where I am a business analyst for an accounting firm.


My name is Bob and I am from Los Angeles. I aspired to be a professional surfer but was convinced by friends to get an education so I abandoned those aspirations (thankfully) and was fortunate enough to get accepted to UCLA and went locally for a year. But a close friend who I have known since we were very young had enrolled at the University of Ottawa. I visited him a couple times during my Freshman year and really liked it up there so I applied, was accepted, and transferred to the University of Ottawa in my Sophomore year. I graduated with a degree in Engineering. Met a lot of lifelong friends while in Ottawa, including Carla and Lin. I moved back to LA and worked for a few years for an aerospace firm. Then had an opportunity come along to contract for DuPont in Richmond, Va. I decided the extra pay was worth the security risk of being a contractor vs a full time employee, so I decided to give it a try. Love it and still there today.


I am Lin, originally from Singapore, but moved to Gatineau in the 4th grade when my dad got work there. I hated it at first but slowly came around and met a lot of good friends. I decided to stay in the area and was accepted at the University of Ottawa, where I got a degree in Psychology with a specialization in cognitive behavior. I took a job as a clinician at a small regional medical provider, but after 8 years, opened my own practice. I love helping people and animals, so this is the perfect career for me. I met Carla and Bob while at University and we have kept in touch ever since.

Since we all have good jobs and a little expendable cash, we decided to put together a blog touting the advantages, beauty, architecture, and people of Ottawa. We hope you get a lot of enjoyment from the site and we hope it helps bring attention and visitors to the city.

We in no way profit from this site. We are not affiliated with anyone or any business in Ottawa, simply love the city and want to return something to it. It is our little way of saying thanks for all the wonderful memories and years!