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Ottawa, Canada has a long and glorious heritage in building; a steep tradition in the dreaming and making of things with our hands.

That same entrepreneurial spirit still flourishes today; and that yearning to create, to make is stronger than ever. Made in Ottawa is a simple list of companies that make, design, code and build in the National Capital area but have global appeal.

Built locally, ships globally™


  1. What do these companies share in common?
    • They were built in the National Capital area surrounding Ottawa.
    • They prominently display "Made in Ottawa" in their footer that links back to this page.
    • They have customers and or a user base on the global stage.
    • They are active with the local startup community.
  2. How do I get my company on this list?
    Apply to Made in Ottawa
  3. Is there a graphic or logo we can use?
    Nope, we've kept it simple with good old plain hyper text.
  4. Why so strict with entry?
    This is about companies that invest not only in themselves, but in the region. They live, work, and build here.
  5. Who's behind all this?
    This is joint project between Adam, Dom and Yan.
  6. What's the point?
    We thought it was due time that Ottawa finally steps out of the shadows and takes centre stage. The companies listed here are living, breathing and (most importantly) building proof of the vision and talents that resides in this community. This is just a group of talented individuals that chose to be Made in Ottawa.
  7. Who can I email to make suggestions, comments and or compliments?
    Send it all to

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