Bed and Breakfasts in Ottawa

Since I have a good friend who owns a Bed and Breakfast in Ottawa, I thought it would be fun to include a page discussing this wonderful way to spend time here.

Staying in a good Bed and Breakfast if/when you visit is vastly superior to staying in a hotel. You get the charm of the locals including cuisine and architecture. Most of the really good B&B’s are in large old houses that have a lot of character, something you will miss in a hotel. Often people develop permanent friendships with the owners after a stay or two.

I will mention a few of these which I am familiar, but there are lots and lots of really great ones here, and you should do some research before making a decision. One thing to mention before getting into this is the fact that many of these are closed in 2020 due to Covid, but I will give you as much detail as I can anyway, assuming this will someday end and we can get back to having fun!

I will start with the one owned by my friend Angela, unimaginatively called Angela’s B&B. She is an absolutely wonderful person and fine cook. Everyone she meets just falls in love with her. Her B&B has three rentable rooms, one family suite, one queen room, and a third-floor hide-away called the green room (because it is painted green). All bathrooms in this B&B are shared.

Her breakfasts are mostly organic and served at a single large table. Other guests may be there also. It includes eggs done any way you like them with a variety of breads, cheeses, yogurt, and granola. Also a variety fruits and berries are available.

You will not want to leave. The peak season is May thru October. She closes in March to take a month off.

Another good one is the Century House. It has four rooms and is located in a gorgeous old brick home right in the middle of downtown. Everyone who lives here is familiar with this place. The suites here are private, each with its own bath. The breakfasts, as at Angela’s, are scrumptious. I had friends stay here once (Angela was full) and they loved it.

The last one I will mention here is Shirley Samantha’s. She is also located downtown though off the main thoroughfare on a quaint side street. Her breakfasts feature Cynthia’s baked goods and produce from Ottawa Valley. If the weather permits, she has a beautiful deck you can eat on shaded by a huge lovely maple tree. The owner, Cynthia, is good friends with Angela. I do not know anyone who has stayed here, but Angela and I had breakfast here once with Cynthia and her husband Paul. Everything about the place is exquisite.

Another feature of this place that I have never seen in Ottawa is an absolutely stunning outdoor kitchen. Cynthia said the vast majority of their business is from June thru September when it is just lovely up here. In trying to think of upgrades they could do to encourage guests to spend more time outside, they discovered the outdoor kitchen concept. Paul had a contact in Richmond Va who installed outdoor kitchens and fireplaces for a living. They spent some time talking through the issues surrounding having anything like that in such a harsh winter climate as we have here, but it turned out there are materials that can hold up to these winters so they looked around locally and found a company that does these. They are few and far between in this area. I wrote down the name of the company that built it but lost the paper or I would give them a shout out. Their guests love sitting outside as a group, able to enjoy the beauty of the yard while Cynthia and Paul prepare the meals. It was designed to sit on an extension of their existing deck. It is a U shape so guests and the owners are in close proximity and can chat while the cooking is happening. They had it built with enough storage where she can keep everything she needs outside, so there is very little running in and out of the house to get stuff. They really did an incredible job with this.